The Church of Christ organize neither the annual congresses, neither conferences; they do not have the official organ of the press. At the same time, independent congregations cooperate in cases such as the content of orphanages and homes for the elderly, participating in joint missionary activities, etc. However, each community participation in such activities is a matter of strictly voluntary and no person or group of persons do not define the activities of the churches of Christ, and do not take decision having effect for other congregations.

What is our community and why it was created

The Church is a family, the family of the people who took God into life, into heart, into mind. We believe that God created all of us with the aim we looked for Him , know Him, love and praise Him. All loving Him God joined together into one family, named the Church, so that none of the believers in Him was not alone in this world.

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The Church of Christ have nothing to do with organizational puts modern bureaucracy. For example, the Church of Christ is not burdened by higher governing bodies, neither regional, nor regional, nor national-they have no earthly Headquarters or other Steering Center.


My sister and I were baptized at the beginning of the year 1993, exactly twenty-two years ago. My sister has always believed in God since childhood, and I have not; I considered myself an atheist and was confident that no higher power exist. Once sister has been invited to Sunday's meeting of the Church of Christ, we came and began to study the Bible, as the result that I believe in God, in Jesus Christ, we have repent in their sins and were baptized in a month.

My path to God took a lot of time-almost the entire adult life. It happened so that I came from a generation and environment distant from religion and faith. However, even in adolescence is the moment when I felt all the vulnerability and fragility of the world surrounding you, my loved ones and me personally. Fairly quickly came the understanding of the availability of bearing God and immortal soul, which beyond worldly odds.

I have left the Church and moved away from God. But Dear God has not given finally the abyss of sin,has not left. I started looking again for it as she could, as understood from my knowledge, attitudes and perceptions of life in Christ. Thank God that the long-standing relationship between me and the Christians had not ended. Now we once again study the Scriptures together. And again, like in my youth, I rejoice every day, held with the Lord.

In fact, the Church of Christ, exist for almost two thousand years. The Church, which is the Kingdom of Christ on this earth, appeared in 30 year, the day of the ancient Jewish holiday of Pentecost, fifty days after the resurrection of Christ and ten days after his return to heaven. This fact is recorded in the second chapter of the book of acts, which states that in that day about 3000 people were attached to the Church.